Machete Squad

by Kevin Knodell, David Axe, Brent Dulak, Per Berg

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Editions:Paperback Original with French Flaps: $ 18.95
ISBN: 9781682471005
Size: 6.63 x 10.25 in
Pages: 160

Brent Dulak doesn't want to go to Afghanistan. Haunted by the memories of his two tours in Iraq and burnt out on soldiering, he wants nothing more than to drink to self-destructive excess and have meaningless sex with questionable women.

He's a U.S. Army medic who was recently promoted to sergeant, in charge of a team of soldiers whose job it will be patch up the wounded at a remote outpost as American forces prepare to turn Kandahar Province over to the Afghan forces. That won't be easy, Kandahar is the birthplace of the Taliban. It's filled with motivated insurgents, questionable local allies and countless ways to die.

Brutally honest and darkly funny, Machete Squad is the story of a soldier trying to keep people alive as America's longest war rages all around him. He must look out for the welfare of his men and their patients even as he doubts his own abilities-and at times his sanity.

Reviews:A Reviewer on Publishers Weekly wrote:

"...This episodic tale of military life has a gritty honesty, like a guy at a dive bar with a story to get off his chest."

A Reviewer on Kirkus Reviews wrote:

“A U.S. Army medic cuts to the bone in a graphic memoir that takes full advantage of the form. This book . . . offers a vivid, terrifying, and often beautiful illumination of one man's cathartic experience in Afghanistan. . . . Many of the panels have few or no words, letting the art convey the depth of the experience. It's a collaborative effort, with journalists Knodell and Axe—who also teamed up on The 'Stan (2018), another of the first titles from this series—turning Dulak's testimony into a taut narrative that complements the art. . . . Readers will have a visceral response to the experiences shared by this searing memoir.”

Foreword Reviews wrote:

Machete Squad succeeds not merely by illustrating the depravity of war but by showing how an individual can find peace in his decisions and actions, regardless of the scenario.”

Comics Bulletin wrote:

“This is a timely and tragic story that reflects the complicated world in which we live.”

Graphic Policy on YouTube wrote:

“[Machete Squad is] a solid example of graphic journalism. The stories are heart-wrenching, eye-opening, and sobering…. There is a cinematic quality to it. [It would work well as] an animated film…. It’s a fantastic read if you’re into military stories or if you want an honest assessment of what’s going on in Afghanistan. This [book] is pretty amazing.”

ARMY magazine wrote:

Machete Squad tells a straightforward and heartfelt first-person narrative of U.S. Army medic Brent Dulak…. The moral and physical hazards of war are realistically portrayed.” wrote:

[Machete Squad] provides a vivid, terrifying, and sometimes stunning illumination of one man’s cathartic expertise in Afghanistan.”

Col Seth W.B. Folsom USMC, author of Where Youth and Laughter Go: With “The Cutting Edge” in Afghanistan wrote:

“Ruthless and eye-opening… Machete Squad cuts like a jagged instrument, providing an uncomfortable but essential look at a national wound improperly treated for nearly two decades. It is the grunt’s-eye view of a war most have already forgotten, but one that will define the next generation of military and civilian leaders.”

About the Contributors

Kevin Knodell

Kevin Knodell is a journalist that covers conflict, culture and crime. His work has appeared at Playboy, The Week, Vice, Soldier of Fortune, The News Tribune and others. He's a former Contributing Editor at and writes the Acts of Valor comic series for Naval History magazine. He lives in Tacoma, WA.

David Axe

David Axe is a writer, editor and filmmaker living in Columbia, South Carolina. A former war correspondent, he has written for Vice, The Daily Beast, The Village Voice and many other publications. He is the writer of the graphic novel War is Boring and the 2017 movie The Theta Girl. He lives in Columbia, SC.

Brent Dulak

Brent Dulak grew up in Wisconsin, where he hated his job and decided to join the Army. He deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. He's a graduate of University of Washington's School of Medicine and works as an Emergency Medicine Physicians' Assistant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Per Berg

Per Berg is a comic artist and writer currently working out of Seattle in the indy market. He volunteers weekly with the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, a writing center for K-12. His favorite hobby is comedy but he's not that funny.