by Antonio Gil, Daniel Ortega

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Editions:Paperback Original with French Flaps: $ 19.95
ISBN: 9781682473931
Size: 8.00 x 11.00 in
Pages: 120

Available May 2019

Stalingrad. From August 1942 to February 1943 this model industrial city, bathed by the waters of the Volga, was home to the bloodiest battle of World War II. Stalingrad: Letters from the Volga offers a fast-paced depiction of this titanic struggle: explicit, crude, and without concessions—just as the war and the memory of all those involved demands.

The battle rendered devastating results. Almost two million human beings were marked forever in its crosshairs, a frightening figure comprised of the dead, injured, sick, captured, and missing. Military and civilians alike paid with their lives for the personal fight between Stalin and Hitler, which materialized in long months of primitive conflict among the smoking ruins of Stalingrad and its surroundings.

Stalingrad: Letters from the Volga presents the battle, beginning to end, through the eyes of Russian and German soldiers. Take a chronological tour of the massacre, relive the fights, and feel the drama of trying to survive in a relentless hell of ice and snow.

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“The authors provide a unique walk through the battle of Stalingrad, the bloodiest urban battle fought by two major armies in history…. The book is unusual in that the authors use drawings to guide the reader through the experience and provide a sense of immediacy within the conflict as well. They provide an innovative way to provide immersion for the reader similar to a film or an animated tale. The experience is a powerful one and I highly recommend acquiring the book and immersing yourself in the experience.”

About the Contributors

Antonio Gil

Antonio Gil is a Spanish illustrator and comic author who specializes in military history. His work can be seen in more than 100 publications in specialized magazines and books focusing on different periods of history, from Ancient Rome to the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is a frequent guest at conferences, speaking about the Eastern Front in World War II and German operations in Stalingrad.

Daniel Ortega

Daniel Ortega is a Spanish author of a series of novels published about a group of German soldiers surviving the horrors of World War II. He is a specialist in the structure of the German army and the European theater in World War II.