The Tankies

by Garth Ennis, Penciled by Carlos Ezquerra

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Book Cover: The Tankies
Editions:Paperback Original: $ 24.95
ISBN: 9781682475973
Size: 10.25 x 6.63 in
Pages: 256

Written by Garth Ennis; Penciled by Carlos Ezquerra; Inked by Hector Ezquerra; Colored by Tony Avina; Lettered by Simon Bowland

From the bloody battle for Normandy to the Nazi heartland, from war’s end to the killing fields of Korea, the men of the British Army’s Royal Tank Regiment fight battle after battle against terrible odds. Whether outnumbered or outgunned, the Tankies soldier on—as their motto would have it, “From Mud, Through Blood, to the Green Fields Beyond.”

After D-Day the largely untried Allied armies meet their seasoned German counterparts on the killing grounds of Bocage country. As Panzers and SS units turn the French hedgerows into a slaughterhouse, a lone British tank crew struggles to rejoin their squadron. Their only hope lies in their commander, Corporal Stiles—but does even this wily old trooper stand a chance against the infamous Tiger?

Newly promoted but just as angry, Sergeant Stiles enters the battle for Germany in command of a Sherman Firefly—capable of taking out any tank thus far encountered. Unfortunately, the enemy have a new tank of their own, the mighty “King Tiger,” with twice the firepower of the original. As Stiles and his men join the Allied advance into the Nazi homeland, they find worse horrors than Tigers lurking in the German twilight.

Six years later, as massed Chinese armies descend on UN forces defending South Korea, a British infantry brigade digs in amidst the hills of the Imjin River sector. With them are the Centurion tanks of the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, including WWII veteran Sergeant Stiles. But Stiles is a man haunted by the horrors of his past, and when the Communist offensive smashes into the tiny British force, he must battle his own demons along with the enemy’s might.

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About the Contributors

Garth Ennis

Garth Ennis has been writing comics since 1989. Credits include Preacher, The Boys and Hitman, with successful runs on The Punisher and Fury for Marvel Comics. As well as his own war series War Stories, Battlefields, and Dreaming Eagles, he recently revived the classic British aviation character Johnny Red, and has produced two series of World of Tanks for Originally from Northern Ireland, Ennis now resides in New York City with his wife, Ruth.

Penciled by Carlos Ezquerra

Carlos Ezquerra (1947–2018) was a titan of the comics industry. Originally from Zaragoza, Spain, he began his career as an artist in the early 1970s and is best known as co-creator of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog. A fan favorite for his distinctive style and dynamic storytelling, he was prolifically published in the UK and was a frequent collaborator with Garth Ennis in the United States on titles like War Stories, Battlefields, and Adventures in the Rifle Brigade. Ezquerra was a recipient of both the Inkpot and National Comics Awards.​