Trench Dogs

by Ian Densford

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Editions:Paperback Original: $ 18.95
ISBN: 9781682472330
Size: 10.25 x 6.63 in
Pages: 184

Inspired from assorted first-hand accounts, this fictional story of World War I is a sweeping look across the war and the soldiers who experienced the horrors of the front lines and high seas. While horse drawn carts and trains were ordinary sights, some of the first automobiles, tanks, submarines, airplanes, and battleships were being used; alongside machine guns, poison gas, and flame throwers. The nightmares of World War I and the fallout afterwards are often overlooked, this book asks the reader to look again and remember the dead, to weigh their number against those that would choose war. Conceived as a long, continuous camera pan through the trenches and beyond, the reader is soon buried in mud, corpses, and ruin, emerging on the other side with blurred recollections of lost comrades and a nagging sense of pointless destruction.

Reviews:Publishers Weekly wrote:

“…a nonstop horror show.”

Charles Forsman, author of The End of the F***ing World wrote:

"Trench Dogs is an unrelenting torrent of war machine imagery. Densford's thick lines and dirty color palette in an unending panel layout takes the reader on a train ride through hell."

About the Contributors

Ian Densford the author and illustrator is a working artist living in New York state with his wife, Tae, and their son, Anderson. When not animating on the computer, or drawing in his sketchbook, you can find him frolicking in the nearby forest and rocky hillsides.