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• DODReads Interview | Garth Ennis and P.J. Holden

The Stringbags. If you do the incredible often enough, they’ll want you to do the impossible. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy began World War II with aircraft that could devastate enemy warships and merchantmen at will. Britain’s Royal Navy squadrons went to war equipped with the Fairey Swordfish. A biplane torpedo bomber in… Read more


• PreviewsWorld | Great Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century

AUG201282 (W) Jean-Yves DeLitte, Giuseppe Baiguera (A) Jean-Yves DeLitte, Giuseppe Baiguera Since the publication of Alfred Thayer Mahan’s seminal The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, the important and defining role of sea power on civilization has been recognized. This symbol of a nation’s scientific and military genius has often been the deciding factor during… Read more


• Comics Heating Up | Dead Reckoning’s Fall 2020 Titles

For all you military and war history buffs out there, I’m completely onboard with the graphic novels that depict war, past, present and future. Particularly the stories based on true stories. Here’s the Fall 2020 lineup coming out of Dead Reckoning which even has one that’s a movie streaming on Netflix currently, which looks like… Read more


• Graphic Policy | Dead Reckoning Reveals Its Fall 2020 Titles

Dead Reckoning, the comic imprint of the Naval Institute Press, has announced three new graphic novels that will be released in Fall 2020. Check out below for what’s coming to shelves. Great Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century: Tsushima, Jutland, Midway by Jean-Yves Delitte and Giuseppe Baiguera. With this collection, Jean-Yves Delitte and Giuseppe Baiguera… Read more