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• Comics Grinder | TEDDY by Laurence Luckinbill and Eryck Tait

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) is ranked among the top U.S. presidents. Reasons for this include decisiveness, activism, and leadership. For even a casual observer, many people will easily recognize the hearty Teddy cheerful command: “Bully!” For me, as a precocious kid interested in history and politics, I instantly gravitated to the Roosevelts, and the two iconic… Read more


• Arcadia Pod | REVIEW: Tankies (2021)

I’ve been a fan of Garth Ennis for a while, and while I definitely enjoy his classics such as Preacher or The Boys, I have grown very fond of his lesser-known military-themed books ever since I did a promotion a while back and inquired a whole slew of Battlefields books. When I saw that this… Read more


• Kirkus Reviews | The Flutist of Arnhem

Gil’s graphic novel provides a detailed look at a massive World War II operation, from the planning and logistics to the blood and guts required to see it through. British spy John Hewson has gathered crucial intelligence that could help turn the tide of the war, but delivering it from behind enemy lines won’t be… Read more


• Kirkus Reviews | Teddy

Teddy Roosevelt roars, fumes, and looks back on his life and family in this graphic version of Luckinbill’s one-man stage show Teddy Tonight. Though the background dissolves at need into various historical scenes, it’s the performance that Tait portrays here, depicting in his black, white, and slate-blue panels a Roosevelt who looks like Luckinbill in… Read more


• Arcadia Pod | Review: Teddy

Teddy Roosevelt is one of those Presidents that comes to mind when one thinks about the great orators that we have had in the past in that very office. I won’t get too political here, but recent events in the political world make me look back at old speeches and feel some weird sense of… Read more