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SheReadsTales | The Night Witches Review

If you like your graphic novels/comics long and full of history, have I got a recommendation for you! The Night Witches is a graphic history of one of the most fascinating groups in World War II, the Russian lady pilots who flew clunkers of bombers at night with no guides against the Nazis. I have… Read more


• Graphic Policy | Review: The Stringbags

The Fairey Swordfish was an outdated biplane in the age of monoplanes. It was underpowered and undergunned and obsolete. Instead, it flew into legend during World War II. Writer Garth Ennis delivers three interconnected stories taking place during World War II about this legendary plane. Story: Garth Ennis Art: PJ Holden Color: Kelly Fitzpatrick Letterer:… Read more


• Graphic Policy | Review: Churchill: A Graphic Biography

Ever wanted to learn about Winston Churchill? Churchill: A Graphic Biography walks you through the basics of what you want to know and is a good place to start to learn about this major historical figure. Text: Vincent Delmas Translated by: Ivanka Hahnenberger Historical Consultant: Francois Kersaudy Story-Board: Christophe Regnault Design: Alessio Camardella Art: Alessia… Read more


• The Marvelists | A Sit-Down with Garth Ennis

Eddie and Peter welcome Garth Ennis, writer and creator of Preacher, the Boys, and more, to talk about his experiences. Garth levels about his writing process, favorite runs, and talks about his experiences with war comics. Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Drop us a line in our e-mail bag! [email protected]Read more


• Book Review: The Night Witches by Garth Ennis

I am not much of a history buff so the topic of the graphic novel wasn’t one I happened to be intimate with. The Night Witches was what the Germans called the all female Soviet bomber squadron during World War II. The graphic novel’s main character, Anna Borisnova Kharkova, was a member of this squad…. Read more


• Proceedings | CEO Notes – The Stringbags

NEW FROM THE NAVAL INSTITUTE PRESS/DEAD RECKONING. Dead Reckoning’s latest offering is The Stringbags by Garth Ennis and P. J. Holden, available on 20 May. Critics are saying: “A real corker of a war comic, The Stringbags expertly balances research, amusement, and stirring emotion.” —Publishers Weekly [Starred Review] and “This may be the best war… Read more