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• Graphic Novel Resources Review | Four-Fisted Tales

Four-Fisted Tales is a highly entertaining and informative book that taught me all sorts of things about animals in combat. Apparently, the US military has been using dolphins for all sorts of missions (allegedly, because lots of info about it is classified) for decades. Among the many things I also learned from this book are… Read more


• Diane Reviews Books | The Stretcher Bearers

In October 1918, Private Maxwell is running from a bomb during World War I. In flashbacks, it is shown how Maxwell got there as one of The Stretcher Bearers in the Battle of the Meuse-Argonne. The book puts the reader directly in the action as a stretcher bearer in WWI. It shows the painful aspects… Read more


• Theodore Roosevelt Association Children’s Book Award 2022 | Teddy by Luckinbill, Laurence, and Eryck Tait has been nominated!

Theodore Roosevelt Association Children’s Book Award – 2022 We are proud to announce the nominees for the third annual Theodore Roosevelt Association Children’s Book Prize. The book which best portrays Theodore Roosevelt for the young while maintaining historical fidelity will receive a $1,000 prize, award certificate, and bust of the president. A panel of historians,… Read more


• Arcadia Pod | REVIEW: Trench Dogs

Continuing my delve into the stack of World War I books that I have purchased in the last year, I figured it was time for another comic to decompress since I just finished reading a HUGE book on the Belgian relief effort in 1914. The subject of this review is a book by Dead Reckoning,… Read more