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Get To Know Dead Reckoning Press: A Publisher Overview

Dead Reckoning is an imprint of the Naval Institute Press specializing in military and naval stories. Since debuting last fall they’ve released fives graphic novels (Garth Ennis’ Night Witches being the first one from their spring line-up). A few months ago I was sent a box of review copies and it’s been hanging over my head, that… Read more


Machete Squad is a 2018 Foreword INDIES Finalist

2018 INDIES Finalist: Finalist, Graphic Novels & Comics (Graphic Novels & Comics). In his gritty memoir Machete Squad, Brent Dulak, along with his co-contributors, tells the story of his tour as an army medic in Afghanistan. The book’s cover, featuring Dulak wearing a skull mask and holding a syringe in his mouth, could be mistaken… Read more


Trench Dogs chosen as a Top 100 Comic of 2018

94. Trench Dogs;Writer/Artist: Ian Densford; Publisher: Dead Reckoning. Trench Dogs depicts to absolute horrors of World War I. Similar to the infamous Maus it too uses anamorphic animals as a tool to showcase one of humanity’s most brutal times. Using extremely limited dialog Ian Densford allows for his imagery to do most of the talking…. Read more