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Towle Drawing Combat Animals for the Naval Institute

But Ben Towle (Oyster War, Midnight Sun) has just announced that his next book will come out through that imprint. It’s called Four Fisted Tales: Animals in Combat, and that subject is one I definitely want to read about.   From hauling munitions to finding mines, and even being captured by the enemy and traded… Read more


Foxton News on Machete Squad

A U.S. Military medic cuts to the bone in a graphic memoir that takes full benefit of the shape. This guide, a part of the launch of a graphic imprint by the Naval Institute Press, provides a vivid, terrifying, and sometimes stunning illumination of 1 man’s cathartic expertise in Afghanistan. “This place eats individuals.” That’s… Read more


PREVIEW: The ‘Stan in War Is Boring

‘The ‘Stan’ Is a Collection of Short Comics About a Long War: The fighting might never stop. There was a time, around 2013 or so, that I secretly worried that the Afghanistan war might end. Yeah, that’s an odd concern for a political liberal and self-avowed pacifist. One who, to boot, had by that time… Read more


The Stan Book Review in Gun Mart

The American involvement in Afghanistan has been documented in many ways but this book, a collection of short stories, re-told by two journalists, Kevin Knodell and David Axe, is unusual in that they are in ‘comic strip’ form. There are 17 individual stories, each one quite short but they are all interesting and brought to… Read more


ICv2: New Projects Announced from Dead Reckoning

‘Ahead of the launch of its first quartet of releases, Dead Reckoning, the new graphic novel imprint of The Naval Institute Press, has announced two new projects. Jeff McComsey (Son of Hitler, Mother Russia) will create a graphic novel biography of U.S. Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler. During his storied career, Butler participated in… Read more