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Publishers Weekly reviews The ‘Stan

“This candid anthology collects stories told by American and Afghan soldiers that shine an honest light on a war that has spanned two decades. The colorful illustrated narratives, often showing the subjects looking straight ‘into the camera,’ have the intimacy of documentary interviews, sharing the mental and emotional impacts of war that often go unreported.”


ICv2: REVIEW: ‘The Best of Don Winslow of the Navy

“As a piece of comic book history, this is remarkable. The various Don Winslow creations were an attempt to blend popular culture and subtle pro-Navy propaganda into media suitable for influencing future recruits. It’s unclear just how well it worked, since World War II came along in the middle, but the idea was clever and interesting.”


Library Journal – Graphically Speaking: Sequential Art Continues To Proliferate | Spotlight on Graphic Novels

“Fans of military and naval history and biography, general history, and stories of the high seas, are sure to embrace several works from the Naval Institute’s Dead Reckoning imprint, launching in September. First releases include Ian Densford’s Trench Dogs, an anthropomorphic retelling of World War I; Kevin Knodell and others’ The ‘Stan; and Brent Dulak and others’ Machete… Read more


Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) – Machete Squad

“A U.S. Army medic cuts to the bone in a graphic memoir that takes full advantage of the form. This book … offers a vivid, terrifying, and often beautiful illumination of one man’s cathartic experience in Afghanistan…. Many of the panels have few or no words, letting the art convey the depth of the experience…. Read more


Kirkus ReviewsThe ‘Stan

“As America’s involvement in Afghanistan extends toward (and past?) two decades, the challenge of coming to terms with it grows tougher than ever. In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, some wondered whether it would ever inspire great literature, as the two world wars had, or whether we were too close to it to see… Read more