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• Graphic Policy | Review: Teddy

The last 4 years are one of ruin, hate, and the rise of idolatry, and the widespread acceptance of willful ignorance. It has shown the world, just how ugly America and Americans are. It also has shown systemic racism is and has been part of the national fabric since the birth of our country. This… Read more


• Instagram TheGlitteryBookworm | Teddy Review

While I am continuing to post my regular content, the BLM movement is still going on. Please keep referring to my story and linktree to find ways to help out. Thank you so much to Dead Reckoning for giving me a digital copy of Teddy review! Though they sent this to me, please remember all… Read more


• The Newest Rant | “Teddy,” Graphic Novel Review

“Teddy,” is an upcoming release this month from the publisher Dead Reckoning, the graphic novel division of nonprofit publisher Naval Institute Press (I’ve reviewed a chunk of their historical-focused graphic novels). Written by Laurence Luckinbill with art by Eryck Tait, it provides a biographical look at Theodore Roosevelt’s life as told through an extensive (fictional) speech by… Read more


• Masked Library | Teddy Graphic Novel Review

This story takes place as a one man performance. Teddy Roosevelt is preparing to give a speech when he receives a telegram that his son Quentin’s plane has been shot down over France and his fate is unknown. Teddy still takes the stage and the evening becomes a reflection on his life. Of course the… Read more