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• Atlas at War! Stages of Art Restoration

DR: We asked Allan Harvey to give readers a “behind-the-scenes look at his work restoring an Atlas at War! graphic. In the following, Harvey walks us through this process. AH: Here’s a panel from a 1952 story drawn by Joe Sinnott. You can see [1] that the paper has deteriorated due to the passage of… Read more


• Forces of Geek! | ‘Atlas at War!’ (review)

“War is not healthy for children and other living things.” That famous ‘60s slogan was created by women who had grown up with the Korean War and World War II and weren’t at all happy that young men were dying yet again in Vietnam. Nonetheless, there’s something almost mythical about a well-told war story, whether… Read more


• Publishers Weekly | The Photographer of Mauthausen

Francisco Boix, a Spanish photographer during WWII, is interred in January of 1941 by the Nazis in Mauthausen, a concentration camp for political dissidents, in this horrific and provocative graphic novel based on a true story. At Mauthausen, prisoners are routinely worked to death or casually murdered by their captors. After Boix lands a cushy… Read more


• Publishers Weekly | Great Naval Battles of the Twentieth Century

Delitte and Baiguera, with the support of the the French National Navy Museum, deliver a dramatic history of significant 20th-century naval battles that impresses with its research but less so with its narrative. Delving into three battles—Tsushima (1905), Jutland (1916), and Midway (1942)—Delitte and Baiguera honor both the officers and rank-and-file combatants who fought and… Read more


• Avanik Shah Blog | The Photographer of Mauthausen Review

This is a dramatic retelling of true events in the life of Francisco—or François—Boix, a Spanish press photographer and communist who fled to France at the beginning of World War II. But there, he found himself handed over by the French to the Nazis, who sent him to the notorious Mauthausen concentration camp, where he… Read more