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The Newest Rant | “Trench Dogs,” Review

“Trench Dogs,” is an original graphic novel that came out last year from newer publisher, Dead Reckoning. Dead Reckoning itself is owned by the Naval Institute Press, which is, “The publishing arm of the U.S. Naval Institute, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, professional military membership association. Through Dead Reckoning, the Naval Institute seeks to broaden the… Read more


Publishers Weekly | Smedley

Outside of Leatherneck circles, the name Smedley Butler (1881–1940) may not ring many bells, but this spirited graphic biography aims to bring broader acclaim to the gung-ho Marine general whose service stretched over several wars and took a late turn into political advocacy. McComsey (Son of Hitler) uses the framing device of Butler arriving to… Read more | Katusha: Girl Soldier Of The Great Patriotic War

It’s sad how mediocre so many graphic novels are when it’s a great storytelling medium. This, however, is not the case with the excellent ‘Katusha’, which tells the story of a young Ukrainian woman in the Great Patriotic War. Often a historical story suffers from either being overwhelmed by the author’s research or else the research… Read more | Riff Reb’s – Men At Sea

Riff Reb’s is a truly remarkable storyteller; his artwork is timeless and evocative and his skills at writing easily match it. As a man who has always loved the sea, I have always been aware of the element of the unknown it embodies. It looks beautiful but it can be dangerous, and this fine graphic… Read more


Smedley – The Graphic Novel

Yes, Major General “War is a Racket” Smedley Butler has his own graphic novel and it’s a fascinating, informative and a fun read. The U.S. Naval Institute through Naval Institute Press and Dead Reckoning publishing is looking for new approaches to reach new audiences interested in military history. They achieve their goal with flying colors…. Read more


Historical Novel Society Review | Katusha

In June 1941, sixteen-year-old Ukrainian Ekaterina Andreaevna Tymoshenko, nicknamed Katusha, hears on her radio about the German Army’s advance into Russian territory. Eventually separated from her family, Katusha becomes a partisan fighter under the guidance of her Uncle Taras, learning firsthand how to fight and kill the enemy. She eventually joins the Red Army and… Read more


Historical Novel Society Review | The Night Witches

During World War II, the Nazi war machine destroyed its way through the Soviet Union. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Russia creates a new bomber unit: a unit of women, who will fly outdated and dangerous biplanes on an even more dangerous mission: night bombing of the German invaders. One of the young… Read more