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Smedley Makes The Top 100 Comics of 2019 List | GeekCast Radio Network

Smedley Writer/Artist: Jeff McComsey Publisher: Dead Reckoning Description: In SMEDLEY we follow legendary Marine Corps General Smedley Darlington Butler through several periods in his life exploring conflicts and moments in American and Marine Corps history that are often overlooked. Events ranging from The Philippine-American War, The Boxer Rebellion, The Banana Wars in South America, and finally World… Read more


Thomos Hole | The Stringbags – New Release

Dead Reckoning have released The Stringbags a graphic novel written by Garth Ennis; drawn by PJ Holden; colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick and; lettered by Rob Steen. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy began World War II with torpedo bombers that could devastate enemy warships and merchantmen at will. Britain’s Royal Navy squadrons went to… Read more


Comic Watch | NEWS WATCH: Garth Ennis and PJ Holden Fly Into Legend with The Stringbags from Dead Reckoning

“A reserve crew in a hopelessly outdated biplane attacking the might of a battleship convoy in the early days of World War Two. The Stringbags is, like the best well-researched military history, delivered with genuine heart— something Garth Ennis excels at. A gripping underdog tale filled with spectacle and tragedy, featuring career-best art from PJ Holden.”… Read more


DOWNTHETUBES.NET | In Review: Once Upon a Time in France

An international bestseller with over one million copies sold, the French series Once Upon a Time in France, collected here in one omnibus edition, has won the BDGest’Art Best Scenario Award, BDGest’Arts Album of the Year, and Angouleme International Comics Festival Best Series Award, among many others… and I’m not surprised, because it’s a truly… Read more



Dead Reckoning will release The Stringbags, a graphic novel about British World War II pilots by Garth Ennis and PJ Holden, next May, the company announced. “The Stringbags” referred to the Fairey Swordfish, a biplane torpedo bomber piloted by airmen of the British Royal Navy in the early days of World War II. The aircraft… Read more