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• Masked Library | The Flutist of Arnhem

This story follows an estranged father and son, John Hewson and Harry Hewson, at different points in World War II as their missions bring them together. John is a Special Operations Executive (SOE) trapped in Holland with important intelligence for the Allies. He is trying to escape Holland despite the Nazis and a Gestapo agent… Read more


• Masked Library | The Tankies

I was familiar with other works from both the writer and artist but never before have I read their military comics. This book took me for a ride I didn’t expect and dropped me off with a new level of respect for not only the creators but also for every soldier who rode along in… Read more


• Masked Library | The Jewish Brigade

Skip to cont The more any of us learn about World War II the more we realize we know so little. Before reading this new historical graphic novel I had never heard not only of The Jewish Brigade but also the attitude and prejudices within Allied countries. This story takes place in three parts, Vigilante,… Read more


• Publishers Weekly | The Lions of Leningrad

The WWII-era Soviet Union provides a treacherous setting for this well-crafted military thriller. While on a child transport, four Soviet teenagers escape a Nazi air attack, only to be stranded behind enemy lines. They make it to safety and kill some Nazis along the way, becoming heroes celebrated as the “Lions of Leningrad.” As the… Read more