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ComicScene UK Review – Machete Squad

Brent Dulak doesn’t want to go to Afghanistan. Haunted by the memories of his two tours in Iraq and burnt out on soldiering, he wants nothing more than to drink to self destructive excess and have meaningless sex with questionable women. He’s a U.S. Army medic who was recently promoted to sergeant, in charge of… Read more


ComicScene UK Review – The ‘Stan

The ‘Stan is a collection of short comic strip stories themed around America’s longest war. The collection delivers a thirst clenching punch into the reality surrounding military life. The emotions and honesty are told through various narratives whilst delivering sheer honesty from a soldier’s perspective. Each chapter offers an intimate and personal portrayal told through… Read more


Photo: Publishers Weekly 2018 New York Comic Con Coverage

Kevin Knodell (l.) with a copy ‘The Stan,’ a nonfiction account of Afghan war veterans, and Brian Dulak with a copy of ‘Machete Squad’ (also written with Knodell), a memoir of his deployment during the Afghan war. Both books are published by Dead Reckoning, a new graphic novel imprint at the Naval Institute Press. Publishers… Read more