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• A Blog on Winston Churchill | Book Review

Churchill: A Graphic Biography is published by Greenhill Books, with the text by Vincent Delmas and the artwork by Alessia Nocera. Francois Kersaudy, author of De Gaulle and Churchill, was the historical consultant on the project and wrote the introduction. Employing the comic book format, it is a wonderfully illustrated and scripted biography that traces… Read more


• International Churchill Society | Portraits de Churchill: French Graphic Biography Now in English

Readers of Finest Hour may recall The Happy Warrior, the splendid 1958 comic-book depiction of the life of Sir Winston Churchill. In his introduction to the 2008 Levenger Press edition of the book, Richard Langworth wrote: “It’s unlikely that today anyone would publish a comic commemorating, in purely hagiographic terms, any real-life leader, even Churchill.”… Read more


• High Flyers: PW Talks with Garth Ennis

Ennis (the Preacher series) pays tribute to the Royal Navy pilots who flew Fairey Swordfish biplanes to stunning underdog victories in WWII in The Stringbags (Dead Reckoning, Apr.). What attracts you to war comics? I grew up in Northern Ireland. Due to a quirk of distribution, we didn’t get many superhero comics—so I found myself… Read more


• Daily Mail | Churchill the SUPERHERO: Life of Britain’s wartime leader is given comic book makeover in epic new illustrated biography

The life of Britain’s wartime leader Winston Churchill has been given a comic book makeover with the release of a graphic novel biography. The book charts the former Prime Minister’s upbringing during the late 1800s, through to his military exploits, his rise through the political ranks and how he guided Britain to victory against the… Read more