Submissions are now open for Dead Reckoning!

Please carefully read the guidelines before submitting a graphic novel proposal.


Dead Reckoning publishes both nonfiction and fiction. Our primary focus is on military and naval history, military and naval biography, history, and stories of the high seas, but we are interested in any story that can reasonably be derived from that focus—consider espionage, space exploration, political drama, or historical action, just to give a few examples. Topics should be narrative-based and need not be U.S.- or Navy-centric.

While we are interested in pushing our own boundaries, we prefer stories that highlight realism over those that focus on the fantastic or supernatural. There are several publishers more suited to stories of superheroes, magic, and zombies.


We are looking for stand-alone graphic novels between 128 and 300 pages. Color is preferred. Short, multi-volume stories are possible, but ongoing series are not being considered at this time.


Dead Reckoning publishes graphic novels for mature, discerning, and intellectually curious readers. Our focus lends itself to an adult audience, though all-ages titles are possible. We do not publish graphic novels for the children’s or young adult markets.


Please submit a complete proposal between 7-10 pages in length. Do not submit ideas and/or expect to be connected with missing members of a creative team. Proposals can be submitted in PDF or Word format and should include:

  • Short overview (~1 paragraph)
  • Synopsis (~1 page)
  • Outline (~1 page)
  • Creator bios and contact information (include lists of previously published works, if any)
  • Estimated page count and timeline for creation of the work
  • Five pages of complete, representative art from the proposed graphic novel

Please submit proposals to [email protected]. Please allow a few days for submissions to be acknowledged and a couple of months for submissions to be evaluated.

What If . . .

As a new publisher in this field we understand it is hard to fully gauge the types of books we are interested in without a thoroughly established catalog. If, after reading our guidelines, you have something you are interested in submitting but aren’t sure we would be interested in publishing, please feel free to submit your proposal and explain why you feel it would be a good fit. You might be surprised!